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The Chamber releases "Manhattan is Open," a digital ad to remind New Yorkers that local shops and restaurants are open and ready to serve customers

Monday, October 5, 2020

The Chamber releases

Today, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce released "Manhattan is Open," a 30-second digital ad to remind New Yorkers that local shops and restaurants in Manhattan are open and ready to serve customers. The goal is to help boost small business revenue by increasing foot traffic in the borough. The city has been phasing in commercial reopenings since June 8, yet citywide foot traffic remains 28% below what it was before the Covid-19 pandemic; small business revenue remains down by more than 36%. Overall, consumer spending is down nearly 10% in the city. The impacts are particularly pronounced in Manhattan, which is heavily reliant on tourists and office workers as a major customer base (both of which have diminished significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic).  

"Even a slight uptick in foot traffic and local shopping can make a difference," said Jessica Walker, President and CEO of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. "New Yorkers have the power to save struggling small businesses. Now is the time." The ad will be promoted on the Chamber's social media channels and shared with its membership in the hopes that others will share.

The ad can be viewed and shared via YouTube: