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The Chamber launches new "Pivot to Win" campaign to help small and mid-sized businesses adapt and thrive in the new Covid era

Friday, June 19, 2020

As the pandemic continues to devastate New York’s businesses and many desperately adapt to a new environment, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce has launched a new “Pivot to Win” campaign to offer resources, networking, and other support to ensure that small and mid-sized businesses can thrive in the Covid-19 era. The initiative is the latest in the Chamber’s work to support businesses facing unprecedented disruption, and offers several brand-new resources to help them survive – and thrive. 

The campaign’s “Track One” offers webinars and training sessions to help businesses run their business in the most efficient manner, adopt tech solutions that can streamline operations, and share best practices for meeting new consumer demands. Partnerships with tech startups, major corporations and government agencies alike will help businesses maximize marketing, branding, e-commerce and more and explore financing options to implement upgrades to their businesses. This track is open to all businesses in New York City at no cost. 

“Track Two” will offer Chamber members more intensive and customized support to connect with corporate suppliers and vendors; engage with expert mentors who can help rethink their business model and introduce them to new tech solutions; and participate in large-scale marketing efforts to drive profitablity. In the Covid era, hands-on support is critical to success as businesses are forced to pivot quickly and form new partnerships with customers and peers alike. Applications for this more in-depth track open on Monday, June 22, 2020, with generous support from various corporate partners.

Businesses interested in participating in "Track Two" must complete the Chamber's online survey which helps to assess their needs. It can be found here: