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Chamber President co-authors opinion article: "Getting business off the carpet: Four ways to help NYC job-creators survive"

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

 Today, Chamber president and CEO Jessica Walker co-authored an opinion article in the New York Daily News, along with Andrew Rigie, Jim Whelan and Randy Peers. Below is an excerpt:

With so many questions about how and when we’ll be able to reopen the economy, dark clouds hang over New York City’s small business community. The government interventions to support small businesses so far at the local, state and federal levels have all been steps in the right direction, but much more relief is urgently needed.

Bold policies are necessary now more than ever to ensure that local restaurants and retailers forced to close by the government shutdown have the resources they need to reopen as life and commerce in the city inch back to a new “normal,” and that neighborhood restaurants, cafes and eateries in operation during the shutdown survive long enough to see the end of the tunnel.


Last week, we presented what we call a Blueprint to Save Small Business to Gov. Cuomo and New York’s other elected officials. Our policy package entails fixing the Paycheck Protection Program in the federal stimulus, extending business interruption insurance to cover the COVID-19 pandemic, injecting cash into businesses through potentially converting sales tax into grants and direct financial assistance for rent and mortgages for the duration of the shutdown.


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