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Joint Statement on Commercial Waste Zones Bill

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Joint Statement by the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Queens Chamber of Commerce, and Staten Island Chamber of Commerce on the adoption of Intro 1574-A – the Commercial Waste Zones bill – by the Council of the City of New York:

"We are extremely disappointed that the City Council has decided to ignore the concerns of small business owners by hastily passing a commercial waste zone plan that limits competition, restricts consumer choice, and will only serve to harm the small businesses that drive New York City's economy. This policy has failed when implemented elsewhere, and it is especially disheartening and shortsighted to see it implemented here in New York City when more reasonable alternatives are available. The Council should work with experts, community stakeholders, and businesses alike to strike a reasonable balance and achieve a smart, workable solution, not rush through a poorly-thought-out policy like this. Our Chambers will continue to work with local businesses to mitigate the damage that this policy could wreak on our economy."