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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Announces Opposition to the Small Business Jobs Survival Act

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

NEW YORK – October 17, 2018 – Jessica Walker, President and CEO of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, released the following statement formally opposing the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, which would impose a form of rent control on commercial space in New York City:

“The Small Business Jobs Survival Act is a misguided policy that could actually have the unintended consequence of hurting small businesses that need help. It would discourage building owners from ever offering leases to small businesses, and its arbitration process would require small business owners to allocate time and resources that most cannot realistically afford.”

“More commonsense approaches exist that should be explored such as helping businesses finance the purchase of their spaces and/or using the zoning process to incentivize inclusion of affordable commercial space in new development.”

“Moreover, if the City Council truly wants to help small businesses survive - and, indeed, thrive - the focus of this conversation must expand beyond rent and vacancies. High rents are not the only reason businesses are closing. In fact, a recent survey of our small business members showed that challenges related to real estate and rent were dwarfed by concerns surrounding government regulations, taxes and increasing competition. City government has direct control over many levers that can ease these burdens such as reductions to the commercial rent tax and property taxes and implementation of a formal economic analysis process to ensure small businesses won’t be hurt by proposed legislation.”

“Ultimately, businesses need customers to survive. We need to help them compete through better marketing and an enhanced capability to compete online. Our Chamber has launched numerous initiatives in partnership with Google, Facebook and others to do just that. Imagine the advances that would be made if City government joined us and brought its immense resources to bear in support of these objectives as opposed to pushing policies that undermine what is actually effective in helping small businesses.”

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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Statement on the SBJSA