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Saturday, 12 May, 2018



10:00 AM - 2nd Avenue between 66th & 86th Streets New York, NY

Annual Second Avenue Community Benefit Festival

Since 1993 the Chamber has managed two of the oldest and largest street fairs in New York City. The 2nd Avenue Community Benefit Festival takes place each May between 66th and 86th Streets. The 3rd Avenue Community benefit Festival takes place each September, also between 66th and 86th Streets.

We see these festivals as a “win-win” for the community for several reasons: 

 It’s a day of fun for the thousands of visitors who stroll down the avenues.

 Entrepreneurial vendors have an opportunity to sell their wares. 

 Our proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations in the surrounding community. To date, the Manhattan Chamber has donated more than $3.5 million to organizations seeking to improve the health, welfare, social and cultural lives of residents within Manhattan Community Board 8.

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