Having Difficult Family (Business) Conversations

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Having Difficult Family (Business) Conversations

“Riding the Elephant Out of the Room: Managing Difficult Conversations

All families have experienced having an important and obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about. Having an “Elephant in the Room”, becomes more uncomfortable or problematic over time when so much time is spent avoiding the topic, “walking on egg shells” trying to introduce it, or worrying about whether or not to address problems at all.

When family members own and/or work in a business together, these difficult family and business topics can become barriers to helping everyone build healthier relationships and more sustainable businesses, as well as work and/or plan more effectively and enjoyably. While many of us prefer to avoid conflict, significant risks and challenges arise when family members refuse to discuss their own challenges and dynamics in a timely way.

This NYCFEC session will help participants define the elephant in their room better, understand what it is, and why it challenges the family business system, and what approaches and techniques can be used to help families discuss their most difficult and important issues.

Through examples, frameworks and interactive discussion, attendees will learn strategies for deciding if, how, and when to address. This will include the potential impact(s) of addressing vs. not addressing the situation. Examples of elephants in the room might include:

• Inheritance

• Retirement or changing roles of family members

• Fairness or favoritism

• Pre and post nuptial arrangements

• In-law involvement

• Succession and transitions

• Performance

• Money and other assets and age of disclosure

• Addiction, behavioral, and health issues This NYCFEC Elective will teach you how!

All NYCFEC sessions are confidential, neutral, and respectful of all parties. No solicitation or commercial influence is permitted. You can feel safe about raising or discussing any of your own challenges or questions throughout the session. In NYCFEC sessions, you do not have to disclose your full name or identify your family business during the session.

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Private location. Location will be provided to qualified registered individuals.
Near Rockefeller Center New York NY
212 889-8332

WHO MAY ATTEND: Only family members from family businesses: • Whose Family Business is based in the NYC area, or • Whose Family Business is based elsewhere, but live in the NYC area