Building a Strong Family Business Foundation – Part I

Friday, April 27, 2018 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Building a Strong Family Business Foundation – Part I

This program is essential for all family businesses and their family members, who are interested in building long-term sustainable family businesses and healthy family relationships. This half day program includes inspiring and engaging morning sessions led by two outstanding family business experts, a luncheon keynote with Mrs. Frank “Mitzi” Perdue, and a free copy of Mitzi’s latest book “How to Make Your Family Business Last”.

The sessions will cover the following essential topics for all family businesses:

• Structures of family meetings and family assemblies: When and why to have them

• How to deal with the voice and interest of the family.

• Defining family values, mission and a vision for the future

• Examining best practices in effective decision-making in family owned companies

• How do you define and differentiate between the needs of family and the needs of the family business?

• Communication and structural techniques to better align the family owners, board and management

• How do you harness and use the interest of the family for the benefit of the company as well as vice versa?

• What it means to be an owner: the roles and responsibilities • Staying connected and building lasting relationships

WHO MAY ATTEND: Only family members from family businesses:

• Whose Family Business is based in the NYC area, or

• Whose Family Business is based elsewhere, but live in the NYC area All NYCFEC sessions are confidential, neutral, and respectful of all parties.

No solicitation or commercial influence is permitted. You can feel safe about raising or discussing any of your own challenges or questions throughout the session. In NYCFEC sessions, you do not have to disclose your full name or identify your family business during the session.

For Manhattan Chamber of Commerce members, use discount code MCC051 to save $50. Space is limited, please register early.

Private location. Location will be provided to qualified registered individuals.
Near Rockefeller Center NY NY
212 889-8332

Registration Fees
Building Strong Family Business Foundations: Part I $299.00 Use discount code MCC051 MCC Members for $50 off.