Raising Family Business Children: NYC Family Enterprise Center

Friday, November 17, 2017 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Raising Family Business Children: NYC Family Enterprise Center

Raising children is a wonderful experience with many rewards, but it is not always easy. Children who grow up in a family business and may eventually become employees, leaders, owners, stewards, trustees or wealth owners typically face many complex challenges, unique choices, demands and responsibilities.

This session will provide some basic understanding of child development, its influence on business-owning families and the potential long-term effects on family businesses. Recognizing ways to develop healthy child behaviors early on, such as a sense of accountability, family values, motivation, respect, responsibility, work ethic, and other characteristics and traits, can help build a stronger, more productive foundation for the family and improve long-term prospects for the business's future. Join us for a rich discussion and valuable learnings.

All NYCFEC sessions are held in safe environments, and they are confidential, not commercially sponsored, and no-solicitation is allowed. All NYCFEC faculty are very experienced professionals, who have worked with many families and their businesses. $0-49 (Small family businesses (<$10M) are free, $25 with discount code MCC050. All other must pay $49.

All attendees must register in advance.

Private Location
Near Rockefeller Center New York NY
212 889-8332