Emotional Control Mastery

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 6:45 PM - 9:45 PM

Emotional Control Mastery

Business is 80% psychology. How we do anything we do everything. If we procrastinate, get overwhelmed and snap at people, afraid to pick up that phone and call, hesitant to ask, can't say "No" then most likely we miss out on drastic gain in life. The reason is that we have limiting subconscious programming or software if you will.

Come to your event if you would like to learn more about yourself in the safe environment. We'll help you to learn how to get rid of emotional overwhelm, how to create an emotionalized desire to achieve goals you want but have been putting off for years. We'll teach you the the most effective way of easy and pleasant self programming.Become a leader for others- your colleagues, your family and become even more proud of yourself.

This event for people who has hunger for life, overachievers. If that's who you are - please come join and be blown away by knowledge experts reluctantly share with others because it can give people too much power.

22 e 30th st. 3rd floor New York NY

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Regular $25.00

-Overachievers, -Business owners, -People who loves to grow, -People who don't settle for mediocrity, -People who wants to find an effective short cut to bulletproof confidence.