NYC SALES SUMMIT 2017 - Learn the Secrets, Science, System and Solution to Skyrocket your Sales up to 300% in 2017.

Thursday, August 17, 2017 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

NYC SALES SUMMIT 2017 - Learn the Secrets, Science, System and Solution to Skyrocket your Sales up to 300% in 2017.

Discover WHY THEY BUY in less than 90 seconds to can create MORE SALES & PROFITS!

Would you like to learn how to crack someone’s buying code in less than 90 seconds and be able to close more deals, and get more YES’s? Would you like to have more confidence that you are giving the right sales presentation every time? The presentation that your customer wants to hear, that they will find motivating?

Learn how to understand the customer’s BUY-ology… B.A.N.K. is a revolutionary system based on personality science, how people think, what they value, what motivates them, and how they make decisions, including BUYING Decisions. The BANK solution can help you and your sales teams increase sales up to 300%. BANK will enable you to SERVE your customers better and will increase your customer’s satisfaction with your products as well as with the entire buying process. B.A.N.K. is a scientifically proven and field tested step-by-step system to increase your sales and profits. B.A.N.K. predicts buying behavior and increases the quality of your sales presentations in the most ethical way possible. At this 90 minute talk you will learn practical steps and tactics you can use immediately to understand the 4 Personality Types in less than 90 seconds and we will give you an intro overview of the blueprint and procedures to create sales presentations that your create maximum value for your audience.


This is your chance to learn how to get more appointments, make better sales presentations, close more deals, for more money, in less time. Most sales reps are making the WRONG sales presentations turning your prospects off, before they even ask for the order. And you could be LOSING tens of thousands of dollars every month as a result. WHO leads to WHY and WHAT. But most sales reps never get past WHAT. If you get the WHO right, then you can get exponential increases in your sales and profits. STOP LOSING MONEY and learn how the best way to SERVE YOUR CUSTOMERS AND PROSPECTS and MAKE MONEY FASTER NOW. B.A.N.K. Sales Training programs are offered both LIVE as well as ONLINE.

Learn more at the NYC SALES SUMMIT on August 17th.

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The New York City Seminar Center
71 West 23rd Street - Suite 515 5th Floor New York City NY

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* Business Owners & Entrepreneurs that need to Sell their ideas and their products to customers/prospects as well as investors/partners * Sales People & VP Sales or Sales Managers that want to increase company sales dramatically with a proven system * Professionals who want to improve their ability to influence, persuade, negotiate, motivate and communicate * HR professionals and Business Management that want to RECRUIT and RETAIN Talent * Leaders that want to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE * Any professional that wants to take their career and their income to the next level * Anyone who wants to have a bigger impact in the world and spread the message of their cause or of their business * EVERYONE: Sales is the #1 Skill in Business and all Business is a People Business. This program shows you how you can SELL YOUR PRODUCTS OR IDEAS through PEOPLE POWER. And EVERYONE needs to know how to Sell.